October 11, 2023

Ranking Member Takano Statement on Republican Dysfunction and the Real Consequences for Veterans

Press Contact

Libby Carlson

WASHINGTON, DC – Today House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Ranking Member Mark Takano (CA-39) released the following statement after House Republicans almost shut the government down and have now forced work in the House to a halt with their Speakership fight: 

“Many Americans might look at this chaos and dysfunction we are seeing from House Republicans and say that’s just DC politicians. They may think it might not affect them. But this has very real consequences. 

House Republicans played games, wasted precious time, and almost shut the government down. Now they do not have a Speaker, which means we are no closer to funding the government and no bills can be passed on the floor. 

While Republicans continue their infighting, homeless veterans are being left on the streets, unable to access resources previously available to them to help them improve their lives and move into stable housing. It has been almost five months since VA authorities to assist homeless veterans expired. During the last two years, these authorities actually reduced veterans’ homeless by 11% and resulted in over 40,000 homeless veterans being permanently housed. But since May 11th, providers have less funding to house homeless veterans and connect them with the critical resources they need to get back on their feet. It is now much harder for homeless veterans to get to doctor’s appointments, job interviews, and to see their social workers.  

We now know what works to permanently house veterans. And House Republicans have a bipartisan package, the HOME Act, that has been waiting on a floor vote for several months now. This package contains two Democratic bills by Congresswomen Cherfilus-McCormick and Williams.  

What are Republicans waiting for? The weather is getting colder and we are hearing from providers that they desperately need this support. End the time-wasting and political games, and let’s get this done.”